A Global Educational Infrastructure

Serving the Muslim community with your continuous support!

Our aim is to be a service to individuals, families, educators, and communities, with a focus on delivering the Islamic truth and reaching people in many places.
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Our Mission

The mission for Al-Kisa Foundation is to nurture the holistic growth of individuals, families, and communities by creating infrastructure, resources and services in pursuit of and following the teachings of the Noble Qurʾān and Ahl al-Bayt (ʿa).

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a global infrastructure for holistic education that is accessible to every household worldwide, especially to those who are mission aligned and underserved
Al-Kisa Foundation oversees the services and products that is the educational infrastructure of resources available to everyone. The links below connect you to each of the entity websites.
Kisa Family

Kisa Family

Our team develops research-based resources to provide holistic knowledge.
Islamic Beliefs

Islamic Beliefs

Online platform to guide and support the newest generation of Islamic knowledge seekers.
Kisa Therapy Clinic

Kisa Therapy Clinic

A mission-driven project to address the mental health needs of the Shī’āh Muslims.
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Salam Online

Online global weekend Islamic school for K-12. Cognia accredited.

Ahlul Bayt Student Association (ABSA)

Global organization with local chapters supporting professional growth and spiritual development opportunities for young adults.
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Al-Kisa Education System

Al-Kisa Foundation partners with institutions to gain a continuous quality approach to education.
RISE Education System

RISE Education System

A high quality education helps nurture successful communities PreK-12 and university. Cognia and WASC accredited.
2nd Chance Books

2nd Chance Books

Education for incarcerated Muslims. Outreach services and Islamic resources support rehabilitation.
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Al-Kisa Media

The studio produces Islamic content, including, videos, animations, and podcasts.
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Kisa Kids / Kisa Publications

Books, games and projects to learn about lam. Islamic literature, curriculum and resources.


- Ahlul Bayt Student Association Summit recap
- Kenya community receives books
- Incarcerated Muslims are asking for a Qurʾān, your donation can help!
- New books need your help to be published, give today
- Volunteering your skills is a rewarding way to give

Holistic education is delivered through a global infrastructure. Resources and curricula are developed by a group of subject experts, educators, and scholars. Support for these projects comes from volunteers and donations.

Boy reading Kisa Kids books to his sister.

Individuals & Families

Seeking knowledge and gaining awareness in Islam.


The strength of a community and society is founded in our families.


Local to global our community is a vital source of support and inspiration.

Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi

Board Alim

Our Leadership

Nabi Raza Abidi was born and raised in a religious Syed family in Alipur, India.

Maulana Abidi spent 4 years answering questions in the office of Grand Ayatollah Fāḍil Lankarānī, spent 5 years conducting research in theology and philosophy under Ayatollah Ja’far Subḥanī, where he also helped write and publish books on various topics. He also taught Usūl, Fiqh, Philosophy, and Tafsīr for 5 years in Hujjatiyyah, Fayḍiyyah and Jāmiʿatuz-Zahrā for another 5 years.

In 2002, Maulana Abidi moved to San Jose, CA to serve as the Resident ʿĀlim of SABA Islamic Center. Under his guidance, SABA has expanded tremendously and incorporated many successful undertakings, including a full-time school, RISE Academy. Additionally, he has helped to establish and overlook many masājid. 

He is also the founder of Al-Kisa Foundation and its subsidiaries, including Kisa Kids. Moulana Abidi serves on various school boards, provides guidance to several full-time and weekend Islamic schools around the world, as well as provides guidance to SABA Sunday School and RISE Education System.

He continues to further his studies in ʿIrfān, Philosophy, and Dars al-Khārij with renowned scholars.

Annual Report 2022-2023

Alḥamdulillāh this year was another humbling experience of working with dedicated individuals, organizations, and community leaders. Our global community is working hard, and we are honored to be part of this ummah. May Allah increase in the success of all the Muslim ummah all around the world.

Success is often measured on an individual basis, but as the Noble Qurʾān says in Sūrah Naḥl, each individual can actually be a nation within themselves.