Al – Kisa Foundation is an nonprofit platform that seeks to provide educational needs and support in service of the Muslim ummah and those who are searching for the truth. Al-Kisa Foundation oversees the function of various subsidiaries under the guidance of Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi.

Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi

Board Ālim

Nabi Raza Abidi was born in Alipur, in India. He was raised in a religious, Syed family. After completing his early education, he moved to Iran at the age of 14 to pursue Islamic studies. He spent the first two years in Najafabad learning Farsi, basic Arabic grammar, and aḥkām. He then spent 14 years in Qom, where he studied at Hujjatiyyah, Fayḍiyyah, and the Institute of Imām Jaʿfar aṣ-Ṣādiq under Ayatollah Ja’far Subḥanī. Concurrently, he earned his PhD from the University of Tehran. After completing his lower level studies, he participated in Dars al-Khārij under reputable scholars, such as Ayatollah Ja’far Subḥanīi, Ayatollah Fāḍil Lankarānī, Ayatollah Makārim Shirāzī, and many others. Maulana Abidi spent 4 years answering questions in the office of Grand Ayatollah Fāḍil Lankarānī, and another 5 years conducting research in theology and philosophy under Ayatollah Ja’far Subḥanī, where he also helped write and publish books on various topics. For the next 5 years, he taught Usūl, Fiqh, Philosophy, and Tafsīr for 5 years in Hujjatiyyah, Fayḍiyyah and Jāmiʿatuz-Zahrā.

In 2002, Maulana Abidi moved to San Jose, CA to serve as the Resident ʿĀlim of SABA Islamic Center. Under his guidance, SABA has expanded tremendously and incorporated many successful undertakings, including a full-time school, RISE Academy. Additionally, he has helped to establish and overlook many masājid. He is also the founder of Al-Kisa Foundation and its subsidiaries, including Kisa Kids. Moulana Abidi serves on various school boards, provides guidance to several full-time and weekend Islamic schools around the world, as well as provides guidance to SABA Sunday School and RISE Education System.

He continues to further his studies in ʿIrfān, Philosophy, and Dars al-Khārij with renowned scholars.

Kisa Kids

Kisa Kids aims to assist parents and educators in shaping and nurturing the minds and souls of the future generation through: Islamic Curriculum, Children’s Islamic Literature and Islamic Projects.

Kisa Kids

Islamic Beliefs

At Islamic Beliefs, our goal is to provide free education and community resources built for the newest generation of Muslims (insha’Allah). We prioritise, high quality English, well vetted-sources, and accessibility for learners at all levels. 

2nd Chance Books – Prison Project

2nd Chance Books is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was founded in order to assist incarcerated Muslims by providing them with educational materials, a support system, and tools for rehabilitation. The organization is comprised of a team of dedicated, devoted individuals, including the founders of this organization, who came together to provide services for those in need and those seeking guidance. 

2nd Chance Books

Kisa Publications

Publishing books and pamphlets for the benefit of the Muslim community. Upcoming projects are Teachers in Islam, Guide to Ghusl-e-Mayyat, Revised Hajj Guide to name a few. 

Kisa Schools

Provides support and resources for establishing successful Islamic schools.

Coming Soon!

Kisa Masaajid

Provides support and resources for developing strong Masjids.

Coming Soon!

56 Books Published


2800 Prisoners Supported

500 Questions Answered 


11 Curriculum Developed

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