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Beginners Guide to Ghusl Mayyit

About this project

One of our popular free downloads is the Beginners Guide to Ṣalāh, and this project would follow a similar writing style. Please review the Beginners Guide to Ṣalāh as your guiding compass as you submit your sample. The steps for the content development would include creating an outline, expanding the outline with the raw content, and then writing the content in a clean and easy to read format for a pamphlet.

Skills Required

Academic Writing Style for Young Adults / Adults

Creating an Outline for the Pamphlet

Expanding on Outline based on Content Provided

Researching Content as Needed

Adding Sources as Needed

Editing Content based on Review

Organizing Content in an Easy-to-Read Format Ideal for Pamphlets or Booklets

Sifting through Raw Content and highlighting what is needed, removing duplications, etc.


The goal of this pamphlet would be to be a guide for Ghusl Mayyit to someone who has never done this before. If the writer has direct experience in this area, it would be an added benefit.

Project Details

Time commitment: 1-5hrs/week

Volunteer Position

All required software provided

Sample Submission

Autopsy or injured bodies

  • Firstly remove any kind of ayn najasat like blood.

  • Asses the body and see if it is possible for you to wash the body without it bleeding.

  • If it bleeding:

    •  Firstly try to get the blood to stop with cotton or cloth.

    • If the blood does not stop try to temporarily stop it and perform Ghusl.

    • If the blood flow is continuous, then before pouring the sidr or camphor water pour pure water first, and quickly, before the area becomes impure again, pour the Ghusl water.

    • If the blood flow will not stop then bandage the wounds in such a way that the kafan will not get najis and then perform tayammum on the body. (see next slide for ruling)


  •  Ayatullah Sistani:  There is no rule for Jabirah in Ghusl of Mayyit, so if water is not available or there is some other valid excuse [such as a barrier that cannot be removed like fake nails that cannot be removed without injuring the mayyit] for abstaining from using water for the Ghusl, then the dead body should be given one tayammum instead of Ghusl. As a recommended precaution, three tayammums may be given each tayammum as a replacement for each Ghusl in order (sidr, camphor then pure water)

  • Ayatullah Khamenei: It is wajib to perform 3 tayammums, each one replacement for each Ghusl in order.


Tayammum Procedure

  • Ayatullah Sistani : the living person must give one tayammum  to the mayyit .

  • Ayatullah Khamenei:   One must perform the three tayammums with the mayyit’s hand, if not possible the living person should perform the tayammum for the mayyit.  

  • Tayammum is performed as follows:
    Having intended, one places (Ayatullah Khamenei: You must hit the ground with your hands (placing is not enough)  the palms of both hands on something on which tayammum is valid. After that the palms of both hands must be passed over the entire forehead and its both sides – from the hairline down to the eyebrows and the upper part of nose. Finally, the palm of the left hand must be passed over the entire back of the right hand and the palm of the right hand should be passed over the entire back of the left hand. (Ayatullah Khamenei:  One must, by obligatory caution, strike the earth once more with one’s palms of hands and then pass the palm of the left hand over the back of the right hand and vice versa.)

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