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An Illustrated Guide to Hajj​

An Illustrated Guide to Ḥajj and ʿUmrah – An Illustrated Guide to Ḥajj and ʿUmrah will be a companion for anyone who goes on Ḥajj or ʿUmrah, complete with Arabic recitations, English translations, historical facts, maps and more. Join the Ḥajji in their thawāb on this journey with your donation!
Give the gift of thawāb jāriyah in honor of your marḥūmīn by dedicating this publication in their names. With a minimum $500 donation, the names of 2 of your marḥūmīn will be listed on the inside front cover of Illustrated Guide to Ḥajj and ʿUmrah.
Please note: If making a minimum $500 donation, please select Donation Options. In the Add a Comment section, write the names of your 2 marḥūmīn to be included in the publication and click Done.

The Clear Guidance -
The Qur’ān (Vol. 3)

The Clear Guidance is a multi-volume book project that addresses the needs of today’s youth and families. The Clear Guidance is a unique commentary of the Noble Qurʾān being written in English, offering an easy-to-follow format that provides more understanding of the Word of Allah.

The Clear Guidance is a tafsīr of the Qurʾān that features a verse by verse commentary. This project is a fusion of multiple authoritative commentaries of the Noble Qurʾān into one comprehensive repository. 

The project is under the guidance of Moulana Nabi R. Mir (Abidi), the lead researcher and writer is Shaykh Saleem Bhimji. Research included the volumes of prominent tafsirs and scholarly works that have been blended with their scholarly experience to articulate this wealth of knowledge and insight into a commentary that is understandable, and relevant to the youth and families of today. Built on the foundation of Tafsīr-e Nemuneh authored by Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi, and incorporates the content of multiple contemporary works, including Tafsīr Noor of Shaykh Mohsin Qara’ati, Tasneem of Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli, and others.

Islamic Studies Curriculum​

We know that Islam places a great emphasis on education as a whole. We are honored to be a part of this noble cause through the development and compilation of a 7-12 grade curriculum for Islamic Studies and Qurʾān, along with life skills and contemporary issues related to our daily lives. Islam is a complete way of life and integrating school curriculum is an important facet for the youth of today.
Your generous donation will support the work underway for the 7-12 grade curriculum. The focus is on the four core subjects: ʿaqāʾid, fiqh, history, and akhlāq. InshāʾAllāh, we hope to further develop the fifth core subject, Qurʾān, in areas such as recitation, tajwīd, mafāhīm (understanding), and tafsīr with deeper understanding.

Al-Kisa Media Project 2023/2024​

This Arba’in, Al-Kisa Media launched our first animation: Little Pigeon’s Arbaʿīn Adventure.
At Al-Kisa Media, we support the educational needs of all ages through interactive media platforms such as animations, read-alouds, audio books, graphics & illustrations, videos etc.
Help us to support upcoming animations including Pre-K Nursery Rhymes, Kisa Read Alongs, A series of 2D Animations with Hakima & Hadi, and Day by Day Animation.