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Content Development

Content Creator for Social Media

About this project

We’re currently looking for a Registered Psychotherapist to join us as a volunteer to provide social media content for our Instagram and Facebook.


Skills Required

  • A Registered Psychotherapist looking to get more exposure in the mental health industry.
    Other skills required:

    Content Creation: Ability to create engaging and informative content that aligns with the mission and values of Kisa Therapy Clinic.

  • Therapeutic Insight: Understanding of mental health topics and the ability to translate therapeutic concepts into accessible and relatable content.

  • Empathy and Sensitivity: Ability to communicate in a way that is empathetic and sensitive to the mental health challenges of the audience.

  • Writing Skills: Strong writing skills to create clear, concise, and impactful captions, articles, or blog posts.

  • Cultural Competence: Understanding and respect for diverse cultures, especially those within the Muslim community.

  • Collaboration: Willingness to collaborate with other team members, therapists, and professionals to ensure content aligns with the therapeutic practices of Kisa Therapy Clinic.

  • Knowledge of Mental Health Platforms: Familiarity with mental health platforms, tools, and resources (to share with our instagram audience)

  • Education and Awareness: Willingness to educate and raise awareness about mental health issues, therapy, and destigmatize seeking help.

Project Details

Time commitment: 6-10hrs/week

Voluntary position

All required software provided


Please visit our website to learn about Kisa Therapy Clinic. 


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