Make a Donation for Educational Infrastructure

Al-Kisa Foundation is eligible to receive donations from corporate matching programs (Benevity and Bright Funds). Double your donation by donating through these platforms! We are registered as Imamia Education Center, and our EIN is 20-1897073.

Did you know that you can support a specific project and that we are also eligible for khums donations?’

Imamia Education Center Inc (doing business as Al-Kisa Foundation & Kisa Kids) is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the United States (EIN # 20-1897073). Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids have ijāzah (permission) to collect khums and zakāh from most marājiʿ.

Your donation helps us spread education through the following means:

  1. Providing educational support for reverts, families, and incarcerated Muslims.
  2. Supporting masājid and scholars in spreading Islamic education.
  3. Distributing educational resources to underprivileged populations worldwide.
  4. Creating more original content, such as stories, project booklets, brochures, and artwork!

Donation Payment Methods

1. Check – Please mention the marjaʿ you follow in the memo section. Please include an email address to send you a receipt.

Checks can be mailed to:
Al-Kisa Foundation
4415 Fortran Court
San Jose, CA 95134
United States

2. Wire Transfer – Directly transfer money from your bank account. Details below:

Bank of America
Kisa Kids
Routing 121000358
Account 325036269244

Please email with your details for a receipt. In the memo section please specify donation type.

3. Zelle – Please send to There are zero fees associated with this method and it can be done online which makes it very preferable.
For some, there might be a daily limit to how much can transfer each day so you may have to send partial payments over the course of several days if the amount exceeds the daily limit.

4. Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer (use Donate Today button below) – For the least fees choose “Bank Transfer”.

Please note: We recommend using Zelle/Bank transfer or sending a check for the least fees. If there are any questions please contact us at

Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids have ʿijāzah (permission) to collect khums and zakāt from most marājiʿ.

Khums given to Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids is used locally to further Islamic educational resources such as developing children’s literature, curriculum, projects, games, shows, and more!*


Al-Kisa Foundation accepts Zakāh donations.


Your donation will allow us to gift Al-Kisa books to different Islamic centers and libraries around the globe. InshāʾAllāh you will receive thawāb (reward) every time that book is read.

To learn more, visit


Sponsor or Donate to Upcoming Publications and Dedicate a Book to Your Marḥūmīn!

Our work depends upon the support of our community, and each of our published materials has a large cost associated with the printing, shipping and distribution of books. We donate a large number of our books to public libraries, and centers/masjids all over the United States.

As a result, we are seeking donors willing to partake in project-based funding.

You have the option to make a general donation to a project, or sponsor a book for a larger amount to include the names of your marḥumīn on the inside cover.

Please note that the titles of these books may be subject to change.