A high quality education helps nurture successful communities. Al-Kisa Foundation works with institutions to provide the support, academic resources and structure that facilitates a continuous quality approach to education. 


Build a mission driven culture

Implement a continuous quality improvement process, oversight, and gain opportunities from sustained collaboration effort.

Join a global network of schools

Establish clear steps for continuous improvement to enable international recognition and accreditation. 

Collaborate and share resources

Gain access to a multitude of resources, staff training and educator collaboration.

Achieve a high quality education standard

Giving students the best education is every institution’s aim. Enabling young people to pursue their advanced degrees and contribute to their communities can be achieved by establishing and gaining recognition of your institution’s academic quality. Develop a long-term plan that builds your academic infrastructure, oversees staff development, incorporates a rigorous curriculum,  and includes the necessary steps to achieve internationally recognized accreditation status.

The requirements to develop continuous quality improvement practices aids your institution to pursue accreditation. Al-Kisa Foundation will work with your education institution to identify the key deliverables and collaborate on an actionable plan to progress your institution towards accreditation with Cognia. 

What is Accreditation

Al-Kisa Foundation’s systems accreditation is through Cognia. This accreditation enables us to work with your institution to enable your education institution’s journey towards accreditation.

  • Accreditation is a recognition from an accrediting agency that an institution has and maintains a certain level of educational excellence, quality assurances and high standards

Benefits of accreditation for your education institution

  • Rigorous curriculum based on standards for PreK-12 grades
  • Authentic transcripts from an accredited institution, grade point average as a true indicator of student knowledge and skills
  • Accreditation will allow your  institution to issue American Diplomas that will provide students with a better opportunity into their future for university applications, certification programs, and credentials for the workplace. 

Cognia is a non-profit, NGO that accredits schools in the US and internationally. 

  • Cognia  is the world’s largest accreditation company
  • Cognia has 36,000 institutions, 5 million teachers, 25 million students in 92 countries
  • Out of 6 accrediting bodies in the United States, 3 are owned by Cognia

Who can partner

The following types of educational institutions are able to partner with Al-Kisa Foundation.

  • K-12 Schools 
  • Weekend or Sunday Schools 
  • Language Schools 
  • Digital or Virtual Schools 

Next steps

We welcome your interest and suggest an initial meeting with us, please complete the Interest Form so we can discuss your vision.

Key milestones as a partner

  • Execute a partner agreement 
  • Participate in an institution assessment
  • Commit to a quality improvement schedule towards accreditation improvement process
  • Submit application and adhere to assurances and quality standards of Cognia
  • Engage with quality assurance process
  • Earn accreditation from Cognia
  • Continued sustain improvement efforts once your accreditation is achieved

What are the improvement services Al-Kisa Foundation offers as part of the partnership

  • Educational program
    Supporting the implementation, management, and administration of the educational program, which includes curriculum development, instructional design and providing Al-Kisa published materials and supplementary resources.
  • Human resource management
    Providing expertise to guide management of human resources and staff evaluation.
  • Training and professional development
    Providing specific training days based on needs analysis to diagnose, develop, and/or enhance strategic planning process, resource management, organizational effectiveness, instructional strategies, data analysis, and any area that the system or the school deem appropriate.
  • Student assessment
    Supporting the selection and review of the quality of internal and external assessments and the analysis of performance results to identify improvement goals that drive student success. 
  • Accreditation
    Ensuring that the institution understands the Cognia accreditation process, requirements and work hand in hand with the institution’s leadership in the improvement journey. 
  • Policy development and review
    Supporting (1) the development and review of appropriate and effective policies and procedures and (2) their consistent implementation with quality and fidelity to ensure operational efficacy and organizational effectiveness. 
  • Short and Long Term Strategic planning
    Supporting strategic planning to ensure the achievement of the institution’s vision and purpose. 
  • Other services
    The Institution may request additional services to support the continuous improvement process in pursuit of the institution’s vision and purpose. 
  • Quality assurance Short and monitoring
    Providing monitoring and ensuring the quality is met by conducting quality assurance visits with well-defined key performance indicators to ensure the institution meets or exceeds Cognia Performance Standards and complies with Cognia Assurances, policies, and procedures.