Every soul is held in pledge for what it earns (74:38)

Help Al-Kisa Foundation expand the educational infrastructure for our future generations!

How to Help?

We are looking for 12 contributors pledging a minimum of $500k. We aim to secure $6 million as donations and loans.

Full contributors have the opportunity to become trustees of the organization.

Help shape the identity of our future youth, leaders and ambassadors of Islam! Take this opportunity to invest in the infrastructure of education and the future of our generations to come!

Possible uses:

  • Liberal arts college guided by Shia faith and tradition
  • Islamic seminars and summits
  • Accredited Shia hawza
  • Summer camps, international events, and more

Contact: admin@alkisafoundation.org

Detailed List of Features

High Quality features
  • 3-story library
  • Gym with basketball court and pool
  • 400 seat theater
  • 25 buildings, 33 classrooms, 7 dorm buildings, all equipped and furnished
  • hiking, biking and skiing trails on/near property
  • Environmentally friendly campus
22 Buildings – 447,000 Sq Ft Total Space:
  • 7 Dormitory Buildings
  • 3 Mixed-Use Buildings
  • 3 Administrative Buildings
  • 2 Arts Buildings/Galleries
  • 3 Single Family Homes with Multiple Uses
  • Library (3-Stories + Mezzanine & Lower Level)
  • Gymnasium/Field House
  • Biomass Plant/Maintenance Shop
  • Barn
Campus Features/Amenities
  • 33 Classrooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • Lecture Halls
  • Modern Cafeteria/Commercial Kitchens
  • Student/Community Center
  • Library
  • Indoor Gymnasium/Basketball Court w/Bleacher Seating
  • Indoor Pool
  • Indoor Fitness Center
  • Playing Fields
  • 400-Seat Theater
  • Fine Arts Studios/Galleries
  • Farm w/Barn & Greenhouse
  • Guest Residences
Property Features/Miscellaneous
  • Buildings Constructed between 1855 and 1969
  • 6 Buildings Renovated Since 2000
  • Wood-Fired BioMass Steam Heat System Services Most
  • Buildings
  • Oil Burner Back-Up
  • Solar-Array Panels (Leased) Provide 809.6 KW of Electricity
  • Underground Electrical System Replaced in 2009 at a cost of $1,200,000
  • Sprinkler Systems Installed in Buildings used Exclusively as Dormitories
  • New Windows Installed in 2012 in Residence Halls
  • Ample Paved & Unpaved Parking
  • Public Utilities: Water, Sewer, Electric & Gas
  • 18 Tax Lots
  • Zoning: CC (College Campus)
  • AT&T Cell Tower Lease Generates $963/Month
  • Bentley House Lease (Partial Space) to The Nature Conservancy Generates $1,803/MonthAnnual
  • Real Estate Taxes (2018/2019) $15,994.82 w/Exemption as Education Provider
  • Annual Real Estate Taxes Estimate – as Non-Exempt User:
    $132,000 (Appx)Flood Zone A

Financial Requirements

  • Auction is on August 18th, 2020.
  •  Bidding begins at $3.2 million.
  • We intend to bid up to $6 million as donations and loans.
  • The bid will be made on behalf of a 501c(3) organization, the AlKisa Foundation.
  • If the bid is unsuccessful, the money will be returned to the
    respective contributors.
  • If the bid is successful, the donors will have 2 options:
    • donate all the money
    • donate only a part of it and loan the rest as a 2-year interest free loan
  • Full contributors have the opportunity to becomes trustees of the

Driving distance to several major cities:
75 min from Albany
3.5 hours from Boston,
4 hours from NYC
3 hours from Montreal

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