Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my students for salam online?

 Please complete the short registration form under the Admissions tab on our website here.

How do I join my zoom class?

On your device click on the zoom link provided to you with your schedule.

If I have more than one child, how would zoom links work on one device.

Each child needs one device, zoom can be downloaded on each device. Email or text the class schedule to your child’s device, they can open and click on their class link.

I can’t download zoom on my device.

Downloading zoom is not required to access your class, please follow the instructions on zoom website for support, by clicking on this link

Are there different links for each class?

Each grade has its own assigned link for class. There is only one link for both, morning assembly, and afternoon Salah period. The class zoom link is separate from the assembly and salah zoom link.

Do all grades attend one assembly?

Yes, all grades have to attend assembly and salah together except pre-k. Pre-K students are not required to attend, but if they want to attend with older siblings, they have to be closely monitored by a parent and placed on mute. 

Do we have to attend assembly and salah?

Yes, Student attendance is taken during assembly and salah by admins. Assembly and Salah periods are an integral part of Sunday school, where they learn about basic concepts and pillars of Islam and requirements of salah. Assembly and salah periods are interactive and engaging where students develop a sense of belonging in the Muslim community. Rewards points and prizes are given to those who attend and participate.

What is the password for zoom sessions?

No password is required for any sessions on zoom, if it is not allowing you to enter without a password, please exit, and try again by clicking on the correct link for your class or session.

Who do I go to for help?

Your teacher is the primary contact person for you. Each class has a WhatsApp group managed by a teacher to answer your questions. Teachers will direct you to the right resources for additional support.

How do we know the expectations of the school? Is there a welcome packet for families?

Yes, a Family Handbook, along with instructions  will be provided in a welcome email to you when you complete your registration. You may also access the family handbook Here

Which class do I attend first?

You will be given a schedule. Each Sunday all students (except Pre-K)  will attend assembly period first. Then they will follow their own class schedule starting with Quran class. After classes, all students (except Pre-K) will attend salah period.

What should we do in between classes?

Remain signed in with your class zoom session, keep camera and mic off during break, but you may grab a quick snack, or use the restroom. 

When do I sign in for class?

5-10 minutes prior to your class time to eliminate log-in issues and be prepared on time.

I’m in a zoom waiting room for too long and no one is letting me in?

Always use a student’s first name, last name, & grade to be identified by teacher and admin. Unidentified entries will not be admitted to session.

I use the correct student name and grade level, but I'm still in the zoom waiting room for too long.

Please leave the meeting and check your schedule to make sure you clicked on the correct link for your session or class. Try again, by clicking on the correct link.

What if I have concerns about my child’s performance?

Talk to the teacher, the teacher will take the next appropriate steps with the administration team to meet your student’s needs. 

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