Farsi Organizational Specialist

About this project

We are currently seeking a Farsi-speaking individual who possesses exceptional organizational skills and is passionate about books. This role involves the important task of organizing and categorizing books in an online database, in a systematic and orderly manner. The ideal candidate should have a strong command of the Farsi language, allowing them to accurately identify and categorize books according to their respective genres, authors, and subjects. Attention to detail, an ability to work independently, and a genuine enthusiasm for creating a well-organized library are key qualities we are seeking. If you have a love for books and possess the necessary language skills, we invite you to join our team and contribute to the creation of a meticulously organized and accessible book collection.

Skills Required

  1. Strong technological skills is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

  2. Able to organize books systematically and efficiently. This includes creating appropriate categories, labeling, and maintaining a cohesive and logical arrangement.

  3. Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail is necessary to ensure accurate categorization and avoid errors. Meticulousness in arranging books, checking for accuracy, and maintaining consistency is essential. 

Project Details

Time commitment: 1-5hrs/week

Volunteer Position

All required software provided

Application Form

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