Support Upcoming Media Projects

This Arba’in, Al-Kisa Media launched our first animation: Little Pigeon’s Arbaʿīn Adventure.

At Al-Kisa Media, we support the educational needs of all ages through interactive media platforms such as animations, read-alouds, audio books, graphics & illustrations, videos etc.

Help us to support upcoming animations including Pre-K Nursery Rhymes, Kisa Read Alongs, A series of 2D Animations with Hakima & Hadi, and Day by Day Animation.

Our mission at Al-Kisa Foundation is to nurture the holistic growth of individuals, families, and communities by creating infrastructure, resources and services in pursuit of and following the teachings of the Noble Qurʾān and Ahl al-Bayt (ʿa).

Al-Kisa Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the United States – Charity no: EIN # 20-1897073, and a Registered Charity in the UK – Charity no: 1189395.

All donations made in the USA and UK are tax deductible.

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