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Mothers of the Maʿṣūmīn 14

About this project

Sharing the background of the pious individuals who had the honor of becoming the mothers of the Maʿṣūmīn in a way that is inspiring for young women.

Skills Required

Creative Writing

Drawing on morals of the story for the reader both directly and indirectly

Ability to write in a way that the scene is set for the reader of the political and social landscape of the time

Immerse the reader in an engaging and creative way into the historical story.

Project Details

Time commitment: 1-5rs/week

Voluntary position

All required software provided

Sample Submission

Background-how a North African slave girl reached Madinah and married the 7th Imam.

From a remote area of Sudan, little Najma/Tokhtum was one of the small girls forced to embark on a difficult journey with her family 

The family and most of Sudan was suffering from extreme poverty and had a plague going on

They hailed from an extremely poor area where human trafficking was rampant. The trafickers would trick them, bribe them/kidnap them and then transport them to far off regions and eventually sell them. Sometimes the king/head of the tribe would sell people or people themselves would even sell themself because they would prefer to get food/better quality of life and they felt it was better for them to be violated than die of starvation.

Najma khatoon was a small child when her family (because of poverty) were either kidnapped or bribed with the promise for a better life.

Along the way she is separated from different members of her family as the journey progresses through Africa, towards Arabia. 

Majority of the members of her family were sold in Saudi Arabia, as the Arabs were rich and could afford the luxuries.

The system of Human Trafficking at the time:

  • bribed/kidnapped the africans-sometimes entire families

  • Started on a journey towards more affluent lands (Arabia)

  • Sold some people along the way at auctions

  • Rented out the rest for day time jobs/part time house work/farm work/cleaning/ mazdoori while the group of traffickers waited in huts to proceed towards a certain place.

  • Hence families were split across many continents at times-possibly never to reunite again.

By the time Najma Khatoun eventually reached Saudi Arabia she was possibly 7 or 8 and completely famished. 3-4 years had passed since she started the journey and barely anyone from her family remained with her. 

Najma Khatoun was too small to be sold-no one was interested in buying her because she was so small no one thought she would be useful.

Najma Khatoun sees a dream

One night Najma Khatoun saw dream that the next morning she should be ready to leave as the noble prophet wanted to come and take her…

the one who wants to sell her was confused why no one wants to buy her because he was even affected by her akhlaq…but she was thin and weak.

He was praising her left and right but still no one

He was tired and puzzled 

6 imam bought her and she was so happy…

At that time after ten they would rape

Imams would walk around and buy and free slaves..kaffara of fasting buying and freeing slaves…

So he bought her her purity etc.

See all potentials in her haya iffat the moment she saw the imama she bacame to cry she had see the prophets face and  this was familiari

Imam saw her and      her love

Imama bought and freed

Where should i go and told her i saw a dream

Imam brought her to his wife and gave her to hamideh

Plan of imam to bear the light of imamah.

Eight imam was born and was dark too and from her flesh and blood but this black lady that people 

She was in africa she travelled all these hardship and imama buys her Allah trusted on her to continue the light of imamah. 

Kaanat ummi min afsali nisaaina

How she is afzaliyat not because she was mother of imam she earned that.

Short story for adults about first part of her life, until she was under the wing of Hamideh Khatun.

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