“Path To Quds”, recorded in Kisa Studios, is a piece recited by Br. Mahdi Falahati and Br. Ali Akbar Falahati, with help from professional reciters, filmmakers, and editors. With over two months of planning, filming, reciting and recording, we finally present to you a video dedicated to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

In the holy month of Ramadan 2021/1442, the Israeli soldiers were bombing Palestine. Everywhere there was an uproar – protests, media, and more, all in support of Palestine. The (now) Path To Quds team had an idea to recite something that is dedicated to Palestine, while still informing people of important historical messages, and praying for the arrival of the savior, Imam Mahdi (ATFS). We wanted to recite, but what? Would it be a spoken word? A Nasheed? Latmiyyah? We decided to combine all three. And thus we present to you “Path To Quds”. The message of Imam Husayn was one of love, devotion to God, and adherence to humanity’s highest principles. Never sit silently at the sight of mass oppression, and never fear or bow to oppressors. These were the lessons of Karbala, teaching us how to respond to the atrocities happening every day in Palestine. And these were the lessons we had in mind while reciting, writing, and editing this piece. May this piece, and our efforts, make a small change in the world. May it help people remember and mourn the events that happened in Karbala, 1400 years ago. May it help us become part of the 313 companions of the awaited Mahdi (ATFS). Ameen.