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Prophet Sequence Game

About this project

The Prophet Sequence Game is a board game for children ages 8+, similar to the ‘Sequence for Kids Game’ where each player will play a card from their hand and place a chip on a corresponding character on the board. When a player secures 4 squares in a row, they win!

We are looking for an Illustrator with a good understanding of AI in generating images, understanding its usages and copyright policies to illustrate AI inspired images for the game.

Skills Required

Illustration & AI in the illustration space.

Software: adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop/Procreate

Project Details

Time commitment: 6-10hrs/week

Paid via sponsorships

All required software provided

Sample Submission

Draw a symbol of a needle and thread in an illustrative style (in color) for the following card:


Prophet Idrīs (Enoch) – Needle and Thread

Prophet Idrīs (ʿa) was the third Prophet that Allah chose to guide people. He was very intelligent, like all the other Prophets. He taught people many useful things, like how to write, sew clothes, measure things, and make weapons for hunting. 

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